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Introducing Nature’s Healthiest Superfood – Period.

Hemp Seeds (as they mature & ripen)
Each female plant produces up to 10,000 seeds every season.

Hemp is quite simply a miracle plant that has survived mankind’s assault on nature.  Thought to be of Asian origin, the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant has reached around the globe.  The earliest texts describing hemp and its health benefits are the Egyptian Ebers papyrus dating back thousands of years.  Ancient Indian and Chinese medicine describe hemp’s broad applications, including “increased chi, slowed ageing, stimulate and enhance the circulation helping to overcome obstructions to blood flow and restore the arteries and veins. It helps treat the paralysis and neurological impairment due to stroke. Hemp increases milk flow in nursing mothers and hair washed with the oil, grows healthy & rapidly.”


Hemp seeds:

– Contain all essential amino acids (more than milk, meat or eggs) making hemp a 100% protein  source.  (That’s right, when you eat delicious & easily digestible hemp seeds, there is no need to eat meat). – Contain about 47% oil, 78% of which are the essential EFAs required for human health (omega 3 and 6 in perfect balance – several times more omega 3 essential fat than any fish – without the mercury / toxins). – Provide more sugar-free energy than energy bars – but with low carbohydrates, and with much less saturated fat. – Are ideal for those trying to avoid, or unable or to eat gluten, sugar, nuts, and meat. – Are an excellent source of dietary fiber & helpful for those troubled with constipation.


A typical 42 g serving (4 tbsp) of Canadian hemp hearts contain 240 calories of energy 

15 g protein, 15 g polyunsaturated fats (11.4 g omega 6 and 3.6 g omega 3 – an ideal ratio of 3:1), 2.7 g mono-unsaturated fats, 2.1 g saturated fats, 2.5 g fiber, 4.5 g carbohydrates, 2 mg iron, 31 mg calcium, 3.8 mg sodium, 3.8 mg vitamin E, 956 IU vitamin D, .42 mg vitamin C, .05 mg B6, 1 mg vitamin B1, 1.6 IU vitamin A.

Many health care professionals now recommend the use of Hemp Hearts. They attribute their success with Hemp Hearts to a superior balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and enzymes; and a relative absence of sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fats.

In summary, hemp seeds and hemp oil are highly nutritious and delicious. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and dietary fibre. Hemp is the only plant that totally replaces meat because it contains essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. The essential nutrients contained in hemp affect a nearly every body function, including metabolism, the skin, mood, behaviour, the brain, cell membrane fluidity, cell growth and maturation, brain development, prostaglandin production, cardiovascular health, nerve cell (myelin sheath) maintenance, and a healthy immune response.

Hemp seeds are legal, and contain high levels of therapeutic cannabinoids (and only trace levels THC).

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